Tips and Advice!


Wondering how to support students during exam season as a supply teacher?

  • Do not focus on the exam dates - provide advice regarding revision and time management instead
  • Keep lessons fun and lighthearted - provide constructive feedback, and don't dwell on errors, focus on learning from mistakes 
  • Encourage good health - revision is important, but so is good quality sleep, healthy eating, and exercise
  • Look after your own well being - happy teachers, happy students. Positive atmospheres yield better outcomes 

Your first supply booking? Here are some tips!

  • Arrive early - give yourself time to get your bearings
  • Check your duties upon arrival - ask about your class, additional info regarding students, break responsibilities, etc
  • BYO - pens, pencils, white board markers and wipers! 
  • Have a back up plan - having resources up your sleeve in case of having to improvise or time fill
  • Mark as you go - grab any snippets of time during the school day to mark
  • Be flexible and open-minded - sometimes cover needs can change at the last minute, covering Music isn't as scary as it sounds!
  • Leave feedback - returning teachers can really appreciate concise feedback on how the lessons went and anything to follow up on
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